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CALL for PAPERS: Sarajevo, April 1st 2016: Understanding CLIL, Celebrating Diversities

On April 1st 2016, the AILA CLIL Research Network and the Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AALBiH) will organize a regional CLIL symposium in Sarajevo. The symposium will be hosted by the International Burch University in Sarajevo.

The CLIL Research Network calls for papers and workshops on research in CLIL. The symposium will focus on national and regional similarities and differences in the conceptualization and implementation of CLIL: as CLIL is used as an umbrella term, it is essential to well define and understand the specific conditions under which CLIL is organized and studied.

Proposals can be submitted by filling in the form found here. Deadline is December 1st, 2015.

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CLIL-Colloquium at International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching

Leuven, Belgium. 16 September 2015

The sixth conference on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) took place in the picturesque student-city Leuven in Belgium. The theme of the three-day-long conference in September was ‘Tasks for real’. On Wednesday the 16th the CLIL Research Network hosted the colloquium CLIL as task for real: tasks for real in CLIL. The Colloquium was coordinated by Rick de Graaff (Utrecht University), and included four presentations by CLIL-researchers: Do Coyle (University of Aberdeen), Teresa Ting (University of Calabria), Ana Llinares (Autonomous University of Madrid) and Julia Hüttner (University of Southampton) & Ute Smit (University of Vienna). After the introduction and the four presentations, the colloquium was closed with a discussion, considering the question if CLIL is by definition a task-based language teaching approach. The description of the colloquium can be found on the TBLT website:

(Video and full decriptions of the presentations can be found below.)

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The Sixth International Conference on Immersion & Dual Language Education

The Sixth International Conference on Immersion & Dual Language Education: Connecting Research and Practice Across Contexts, will be held in Minneapolis, MN, USA on October 20-22, 2016. More information, including info about the call for proposals (deadline 1st of February), can be found in the flyer, or on the website of the Centre of Advanced Research on Language Acquisition of the University of Minnesota.

We would like to thank Roy Lyster for noticing us about the conference.

LED 2015 CLIL Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand

CLIL: Teacher and Teaching Experiences in Global Contexts

A number of CLIL ReN members will be presenting a symposium on the application of CLIL across different global context chaired by Simone Smala (University of Queensland) at the 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity (LED 2015) in Auckland, New Zealand, 23-26 November, 2015. The session features papers by Simone Smala, Diane J. Tedick (University of Minnesota), Ylva Sandberg (Stockholm University), Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe (University of the Basque Country), Victoria Zenotz (Public University of Navarre), Liss Kerstin Sylvén (University of Gothenburg), Amy S. Thompson (University of South Florida), with Russell Cross (Melbourne Graduate School of Education) as discussant.

Please see for registration details and more information.

Simone Smala, symposium chair/coordinator

Russell Cross, co-coordinator of the AILA CLIL Research Network

Recent Publications

Recent CLIL Publications – November 2015 – Updated 13/11

We would like to point out two journals that recently had a CLIL-special issue: ‘System’ and ‘Language, Culture and Curriculum’. The most recent issue of System (November 2015) is a special edition, titled: ‘The interface between task-based language teaching and content-based instruction’. It is edited by María del Pilar García Mayo and all articles can be found on this issue’s website on Sciencedirect.
Another special issue on CLIL was  in the journal ‘Language, Culture and Curriculum’ published in March 2015. It is edited by Jasone Cenoz and Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe and the title is ‘Learning through a second or additional language: content-based instruction and CLIL in the twenty-first century’. Go this issue’s website on T&F for all the articles.
All publications in these two issues can also be found at the end of this article.

Besides these two very interesting volumes of System and Language, Culture and Curriculum, more articles have been published recently in several journals.

Here is an overview in alphabetic order of the authors, links can be found in the titles:

To view all the articles of the issues of System and Language, Culture and Curriculum, click here to read the full post.

TBLT Conference 2015 Leuven

All presentations and the abstracts of the CLIL Colloquium at the TBLT Conference 2015:

Abstracts of CLIL Colloquium presentations at TBLT conference 2015

De Graaff: Introduction CLIL as tasks for real

Coyle: Tasks for knowledge construction and meaning making

Ting: CLIL Tasking through real language to learn real content

Llinares & Dalton-Puffer: Expressing voice in foreign language across tasks

Huettner & Smit: Talking the discipline