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Paperback edition: Conceptualising Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education (Update)

Last month, we published a discount offer on this website for the book Conceptualising Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education (eds. Tarja Nikula, Emma Dafouz, Pat Moore and Ute Smit). Contrary to what we wrote earlier the paperback edition is not yet available, but the new edition will be published in August. The paperback edition can now be pre-ordered with a 30% discount (available until August 31, 2017).  Visit Multilingual Matters, add the book to your basket and use the discount code that can be found in the Multilingual Matters Discount Order Form.

The volume, which features publications from active CLIL ReN members, has been described as “a key step in establishing an understanding of language and content in CLIL and multilingual education. The authors provide a wealth of research offering valuable new insights into curriculum and pedagogy planning, participant perspectives and classroom practices, while introducing a conceptual framework to integration in CLIL.”

Applied linguistic perspectives on CLIL

Llinares, A. & T. Morton (eds.). (2017). Applied linguistic perspectives on CLIL. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

This book represents a collection of studies on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) which brings together a range of perspectives through which CLIL has been investigated within Applied Linguistics. The book aims to show how the four perspectives of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), Discourse Analysis, and Sociolinguistics highlight different important aspects of CLIL as a context for second language development. Each of the four sections in the book opens with an overview of one of the perspectives written by a leading scholar in the field, and is then followed by three empirical studies which focus on specific aspects of CLIL seen from this perspective. Topics covered include motivation, the use of tasks, pragmatic development, speech functions in spoken interaction, the use of evaluative language in expressing content knowledge in writing, multimodal interaction, assessment for learning, L1 use in the classroom, English-medium instruction in universities, and CLIL teachers’ professional identities.

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EMI Symposium 2017

On June 22 the 2017 English Medium Instruction (EMI) symposium at Oxford University Department of Education “EMI: English Medium Instruction: Building Bridges for a Better Understanding” will be held.

Research on EMI and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) suggests that there is a lack of effective communication among researchers, policy-makers and key stakeholders (learners and teachers). This symposium aims to explore how research can inform policy and practice and how stakeholders can influence the kinds of research questions being asked.  But, this symposium will also explore the kinds of research that needs to be carried out in order to comprehend the challenges students face as they progress from one educational phase to another.

More information on the symposium and registration.

Call for Poster Presentations and Articles

The organisation is currently accepting posters featuring EMI-related research projects. If you are interested, please bring a poster with you on the day of the symposium. A2 or A3 posters are accepted.

If you would like to have your published article related to EMI on display during the symposium, please send the abstract page of your article to the following address:

If you are not able to attend the symposium but are interested in sending us your work for display, you may do so either through post (for posters) or email (for abstracts of published articles).

The deadline of accepting posters or abstract pages is 31st May 2017. Posters, abstracts or enquiries can be emailed to

Call for Papers. Bilingual Education: Opportunities and Challenges Panel

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), a world association of academics and researchers based in Athens, organizes A Panel on Bilingual Education: Opportunities and Challenges, 15-16 May 2017 as part of the 19th Annual International Conference on Education, 15-16 May 2017, Athens, Greece. You are more than welcome to submit a proposal for a presentation by email to, before 31 March 2017. The registration fee is 540 euro and includes accommodation during the days of the conference, participation to all sessions of the conference, breakfasts, two lunches and all taxes. More information.

The language of the conference is English for both presentations and discussions. Abstracts should be 200-300 words in length and it should include names and contact details of all authors. All abstracts are blind reviewed according to ATINER’s standards and policies. Acceptance decisions are sent within four weeks following submission. Papers should be submitted one month before the conference only if the paper is to be considered for publication at ATINER’s series.

Recent Publications

Learning Languages in Primary Schools: Research Insights

We would like to draw your attention to this recent publication:

Mayo, M. D. P. G. (ed.). 2017. Learning Languages in Primary Schools: Research Insights. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

This book presents research on the learning of foreign languages by children in primary school settings. It covers issues that have been under-researched within this group of learners such as implicit/explicit learning, interaction, feedback provision, first language use, metalinguistic awareness, noticing and individual variables.

The book contains the following chapters on CLIL-related topics:

  • Learning How to Mean in Primary School CLIL Classrooms – Ana Llinares
  • Benefits and Limitations of Conversational Interactions among Young Learners of English in a CLIL Context  – Amparo Lázaro Ibarrola and María de los Ángeles Hidalgo
  • Gender and Age in Child Interaction in an EFL CLIL Context: An Exploratory Study  – Agurtzane Azkarai and Ainara Imaz Agirre
  • Exploring Early EFL: L1 Use in Oral Narratives by CLIL and Non-CLIL Primary School Learners – Elisabet Pladevall-Ballester and Alexandra Vraciu

Recent publications – June 2017

We would like to draw your attention to recent academic publications related to CLIL. Click on the read more button to read the abstracts.