Prof.dr. Rick de GraaffProf. dr. Rick de Graaff
University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
Faculty of Humanities

Rick de Graaff is a Professor of CLIL and Bilingual Education at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.
His research focuses on the pedagogy and learning effects of bilingual education, the professional development of language teachers, and the effectiveness of (online) tasks for intercultural communicative competence. The Chair of bilingual education collaborates with the European Platform and the Dutch network of CLIL schools. He also is a professor of language pedagogy at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences .

“As a researcher and teacher educator in bilingual education and language pedagogy, my focus is on language learning and teaching in ‘content-rich’ settings. I teach foreign language pedagogy at the Utrecht University teacher training department to students of English, German, French and Spanish. Focus of my research is content and language integrated learning (CLIL), an educational approach according to which language learning does not only take place in (foreign) language classes, but throughout the curriculum. This relates to foreign languages in bilingual education, but also to mainstream and regional or minority languages. As learning and teaching takes place through language, any (subject) class is also a language class.”


Dr. Russell Cross
University of Melbourne

Russell Cross is Senior Lecturer in Language and Literacy Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, where he currently coordinates their research and teaching programs in CLIL. With a focus on bilingual education, his research interests are sociocultural perspectives on teachers’ work and knowledge, and education policy and curriculum. Former convenor of the AARE Special Interest Group on Sociocultural and Activity Theory and past editor of TESOL in Context, recent publications include:

Cross, R. (2015). Defining Content and Language Integrated Learning for languages education in Australia. Babel, 49(2), 4-15.

Cross, R. (2014). Best evidence synthesis — Current approaches to languages education (Gesture, Inquiry learning, and CLIL). Melbourne, Australia: Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.