Dear CLIL ReN members,

Thanks to an invitation from the organisers of the AESLA conference 2014 (see ), the AILA CLIL Research Network will organise a symposium in Seville, Spain in April 2014. The symposium will start on Fri, April 4 (afternoon) with a Round Table Discussion on “CLIL and Social Change”, organised in collaboration with the AESLA conference.

The CLIL ReN Symposium proper will take place on Sat, April 5 (all day). The main focus of this symposium is

Beyond CLIL: The impact of CLIL on non-CLIL teaching and learning

  1. CLIL and foreign language teaching: How does CLIL affect foreign language teaching in different national and cultural contexts?
  2. CLIL and non-CLIL across contexts: How does CLIL affect non-CLIL/L1 content teaching in different subjects?
  3. CLIL and learner content achievement: How does CLIL impact on content education in terms of practices, processes and outcomes?

We invite ReN members to send in a 300 words max. abstract, stating title, framework, methodology, (expected) results, relevance for educational practice, relevance for the main focus of the colloquium.

The deadline for submitting abstracts through the form below is October 31, 2013. Notification of acceptance or rejection of proposals will be sent out by Nov. 22.

Participants of the CLIL ReN symposium do not need to register for the AESLA conference if they only want to attend the Round Table on “CLIL and Social Change” on Friday and the CLIL ReN symposium on Saturday. If you want to attend the full AESLA conference, you should register at

Registration to the CLIL ReN symposium will take place before the Round Table and in the morning of April 5. There will be a small fee only to cover the costs for lunch.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Best regards,

Rick de Graaff, Pat Moore, Ute Smit


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