We invite you to submit proposals on the topic: Teaching, Learning and Scaffolding in CLIL science classrooms.

The JICB is international and multidisciplinary in nature and welcomes submissions of the highest quality that report on empirical research and offer theoretical perspectives that can push the field forward. The aim of the JICB is to disseminate research on language immersion programs and other types of content-based language education programs that are subject matter-driven and subject matter-accountable, such as CLIL programmes in Europe and elsewhere, bi- & multilingual education, sheltered ESL, language across the curriculum, subject matter-driven minority, heritage and indigenous language education, and English medium instruction (EMI).The journal provides a forum for research on well- established immersion and content-based programs as well as research on new initiatives within the broad field of content-based language education/CLIL.

Authors are invited to submit proposals focusing on the teaching and learning processes in CLIL science classrooms at any educational level and in any CLIL context, including immersion programmes.

This Special Issue endeavours to:

  • collect and disseminate empirical evidence for effective approaches to the integration of content and language learning in different kinds of CLIL science classrooms to better support CLIL learners;
  • cover a wide range of topics within the context of CLIL science teaching, such as CLIL science pedagogy, classroom discourse, use of L1 and L2 (or translanguaging), use of multimodalities, only to name a few;
  • identify important implications for future research on the teaching and learning processes in science and other content subjects within CLIL contexts.

Abstract submission deadline: September 1st, 2017.

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