We are pleased to announce that the programme for the CLIL Regional Workshop, which takes place on Fri. 1 April, 2016 in Sarajevo, is now available. The full symposium description, including information on accommodation in Sarajevo is available here. The detailed programme, including specific information about presenters and excursions, is available here. Participation in the full day’s events is free of charge and includes lunch.

The AILI CLIL Research Network and the Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AALBiH) collaborated to organise this event, which will be hosted by the International Burch University in Sarajevo. The symposium will focus on national and regional differences in the conceptualisation and implementation of CLIL, as CLIL is used as an umbrella term. The organisers selected seven interesting papers related to this theme for presentation. Information on the papers being presented at the symposium can be found by reading further below.

Aside from being part of the symposium, participants will also have the opportunity to visit bilingual schools in the multicultural and multilingual Sarajevo region. For more information on the local organisers, please click here. For more information on the venue, please click here.

Registration is available using the CLIL APPLICATION FORM 2016 until 25/3. We hope to see you in Sarajevo!

Authors and titles of papers being presented with a comprehensive file of summaries and abstracts:

AILA CLIL ReN Sarajevo conference abstracts

  • Julia Reckermann: The potential of authentic English picture books for primary school CLIL
  • Dominik Rumlich: How the implementation of CLIL can “influence” the results of research- The case of high-intensity CLIL programmes in Germany
  • Mary Chopey-Paquet & Laurence Mettewie: “A point that needs improving: truly working on the bridges between our courses!”: Subject teacher and language teacher pedagogic collaboration towards integration in CLIL as seen by teachers, the headteacher and learners of a francophone Belgian secondary school
  • Concha Julián, Jesús Hernández, & Rubén Barderas: CLIL in United Kingdom- the emergence of foreign languages
  • Derya Bozdoğan & Buket Kasap: CLIL material development during EMI transition phase
  • Oliver Meyer: Assessing Pluriliteracies Development
  • Ugur Ger & Azamat Akbarov: How CLIL are Bosnia Sema Schools?