We would like to draw your attention to this recent publication:

García Mayo, M. P. (ed.). 2017. Learning Languages in Primary Schools: Research Insights. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

This book presents research on the learning of foreign languages by children in primary school settings. It covers issues that have been under-researched within this group of learners such as implicit/explicit learning, interaction, feedback provision, first language use, metalinguistic awareness, noticing and individual variables.

The book contains the following chapters on CLIL-related topics:

  • Learning How to Mean in Primary School CLIL Classrooms – Ana Llinares
  • Benefits and Limitations of Conversational Interactions among Young Learners of English in a CLIL Context  – Amparo Lázaro Ibarrola and María de los Ángeles Hidalgo
  • Gender and Age in Child Interaction in an EFL CLIL Context: An Exploratory Study  – Agurtzane Azkarai and Ainara Imaz Agirre
  • Exploring Early EFL: L1 Use in Oral Narratives by CLIL and Non-CLIL Primary School Learners – Elisabet Pladevall-Ballester and Alexandra Vraciu