Last month, we published a discount offer on this website for the book Conceptualising Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education (eds. Tarja Nikula, Emma Dafouz, Pat Moore and Ute Smit). Contrary to what we wrote earlier the paperback edition is not yet available, but the new edition will be published in August. The paperback edition can now be pre-ordered with a 30% discount (available until August 31, 2017).  Visit Multilingual Matters, add the book to your basket and use the discount code that can be found in the Multilingual Matters Discount Order Form.

The volume, which features publications from active CLIL ReN members, has been described as “a key step in establishing an understanding of language and content in CLIL and multilingual education. The authors provide a wealth of research offering valuable new insights into curriculum and pedagogy planning, participant perspectives and classroom practices, while introducing a conceptual framework to integration in CLIL.”